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Our executive E-Book writing team can be booked by you at very affordable costs for writing, cover designing, proofreading, publishing, and even marketing. E-Book Experts are quite eager to take your basic ideas to a higher level in order to create your magnificent e-book.

Professional E-Book Writing Services:
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We provide a complete package of E-Book writing services, including cover designing, editing/proofreading, marketing, and publishing, which might be helpful for you to craft, engage, and compel your targeted audiences with the most affordable plans. Our experts are proficient in working on numerous genres. Just go through our portfolio to check out our collection of Fiction, Non-Fiction, animated, Sci-Fi and many more.

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 You can share your ideas or samples with us and E-mail us your detailed requirement so that we can make your E-Book as per your demands.

Our E-Book Writing Procedure

E-Book Details

At the initial step, we always discuss with our clients in detail and collect their ideas and requirements through Live Chat, E-mail, or WhatsApp and thoroughly go through each of the details in order to understand them properly.

Chapter One Approval

Once all the requirements are gathered, they are then sent to the E-Book writer for the making of chapter 1. We work with agile methodology, so each chapter will be delivered to you for feedback to ensure that it is as per the requirement.

Feedback & Revision

After getting feedback, our team of E-Book experts is highly capable of catering for each comment, whether it is on the material or the design. If you find anything not fitting your requirements or you want us something to add up, you just have to E-mail us.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are one of our extraordinary services. Once your E-Book is completed, it is then sent to the quality assurance department, where our professionals thoroughly check it so that it can be free from any kind of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Cover Page Design

We at E-Book Experts have a team of E-Book cover designers who are capable of designing eye-catching and attractive covers for your E-Book so that you can easily grab the attention of your targeted audience immediately when they have a look at it.

Review of Final Draft

Finally, when your E-Book is completed along with its cover page and professional proofreading, we make sure to finalise the draft by reviewing it, keeping all the necessary requirements in mind so that it can be ready for publishment.

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